Babies, Children & Mothers #01

Babies, Children & Mothers

Osteopathy is a gentle, manual treatment that is not primarily focused on physical complaints. Rather, osteopaths think that mechanical imbalances in the body may contribute to pain and discomfort, affect healthy function and aggravate some of the common conditions that patients present with.

The osteopath will attempt to treat the cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms by balancing the structure (bones and soft tissues), with a view to improving blood circulation and calming the nervous system.

"Treatment was very positive before and after labour. Relaxing for pelvis and back, very pleased with home treatment".
A Taylor, Patient

"Dianna helped my daughter when she was a baby and after three treatments she could turn her head to the side".
M Brownlie Trella, Patient

Dianna has been treating children with special needs for ten years, at Palace for All where she uses gentle cranial osteopathy.

Babies, Children & Mothers #02

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