Some easy exercises you can do at home to help your body's mobility

Scroll down to find exercises for the following:

Middle Back
Neck and Shoulders
Lower Back
Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg
Knee and Thigh (Hamstring and Quads)
Pelvic Floor and Core Muscles

These are especially helpful if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, in which case you should do them every hour to help reduce stiffness. All of these exercises can be done sitting, standing or lying down, (so there’s no excuse!)

Easy Home Exercises . lowerbacktake2

Home Exercises for Lower Back

These ideas are relevant for ACUTE, i.e. recently injured, painful, low backs and for CHRONIC, longstanding injuries like the following:
This would benefit someone with DISC PROBLEMS in the lower back, looking for SELF HELP ideas that will reduce pain, avoid surgery in the current climate of lockdown, and move towards healing rather than deterioration.

Its important to rest even though you might be working through the pain, to do some specific gentle back EXERCISES and to try out hydrotherapy (HOT & COLD).

This HEALING IDEA can be remembered with:


The body part (lie down a lot to rest the low back)

(place a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a cold damp cloth or kitchen roll over the body part for 15-20 mins). A surprisingly effective pain reliever!

with a bandage/ neoprene back brace/ folded towel tied around the lower back and pelvis.

minimal movements of the sore area a few times, every hour, to avoid stiffness, to get the blood circulating so it removes waste products and brings fresh nutrients to the healing area.
The exercises can be done lying down, sitting or standing with slightly bent knees.

Easy Home Exercises . middlebackworksheet

Home Exercises for Neck and Shoulders

Easy Home Exercises . neckandshoulders worksheet

Easy Home Exercises . Foot & Ankle Home Excersize

Home Exercises for Knee, Hamstring and Back Support

Easy Home Exercises . Leg Knee Home Excersize

Easy Home Exercises . Pelvic Floor Home Excersize

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